The Cushion Care Guide

Cushions should be an investment piece, rather than a throw-away item that is easy to replace. When we choose quality over quantity, we can reduce waste and in-turn demand, which is far better for the environment.


If you choose to buy cushions that you will love for the long term, it’s important to take a moment to consider how to care for them properly, to ensure you can enjoy them in your home for years to come. To help you do just that, here are my top tips…


Get the Right Size

Did you know that cushion inserts should always be one size bigger than the cushion cover? Most people use inserts that are the same size, but this can result in empty space within the cover, making it look flat. Cushions are far more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention comfortable, when you use an insert that’s a little bigger. For example, for a cushion that measures 18 x 18, use a 20 x 20 insert.


Plump Regularly

You can never plump a cushion too often! Obviously don’t spend every spare moment you have plumping, but every day or two, give your cushions a good shake. This will stop the insert becoming too compacted, which overtime could cause it to become flat and a little lifeless. Plumping regularly will make your inserts last much longer, so you won’t need to replace them so often.


Spruce up When Needed

 With daily use, overtime cushion covers can become dirty and discoloured. Giving them a wash every now and then will breathe new life back into them and keep them looking fresh. Of course if any spills happen (which inevitably at some point will), wash right away to avoid stains. Always follow the washing instructions on each individual cushion to ensure there’s no shrinkage, so that you can keep enjoying your cushions for the long-term.


Swap out Seasonally

If you love to switch up your home decor, why not consider swapping out cushion covers each season, instead of buying new ones? You could do the same with blankets and throws too, as an effective way to update your home decor, without having to spend more money or create waste.


When you take just a little extra time for your cushions, you can make the most of the pieces you buy. Choose to invest in quality pieces and with a little TLC, you can enjoy your beautiful cushions in your home for years to come.







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