It’s All about that flower power

Everything outside is wilting, so why not revitalise your home with some gorgeous floral designs? The beauty of flower power is its perpetual cheerfulness. Even when it’s cold and dark, you can bring some Spring into your home with these cheeky prints.

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There are so many ways to go about achieving this look. We love layering, so why not match blowsy wallpapers with natural wood and patterned furniture? The sheer amount of botanical goodness is guaranteed to bring a breath of fresh air into your living room.
If layered motifs are a bit too floral for your liking, it’s possible (and easy!) to strike a middle ground. We love matching white walls and contemporary furniture, as it strikes that balance between flower power and a clean, uncluttered environment. Alternatively, you could pair designer furniture with distressed wood and soft, ambient hues on your walls. Throw some subtle florals into the mix and you’ll have a perfect snapshot of spring that isn’t too overpowering. We’re thinking flowery cushions, a striking section of floral wall art and our very own sideboard with metal legs to create a relaxed, sweetly scented setting.
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Flower power is a very popular interior design choice this winter, partly due to its versatility. There are so many ways to style these fashionable petals, from overstated layering to the more subtle, but still resolutely sunny, combinations of plain walls and dazzling furniture. However, it is often the cheeky juxtaposition of harsh winter and soft spring that is the clincher – nobody can resist a ray of sunshine when the sky is overcast and summer is a million miles away.