New trend: Limewash Walls - The Full Guide

Limewash has been around for a long time, but all of sudden it’s on everyone’s radar. Offering a softer approach to modern painted walls, limewash is mineral-based with a chalky texture that originates from Belgian. It’s environmentally friendly, which may be one of the reasons it’s risen in popularity, but it also looks really beautiful, adding subtle texture and interest to walls that basic paints just don’t offer.

Limewash Explained

Used for centuries and dating back to Roman times, limewash is made from limestone that’s been crushed and mixed with water. This mixture is left to age and is then thinned further and coloured using natural pigments. When applied to walls, it adds soft and subtle colour and has a mottled and matte finish. Flat walls suddenly take on a whole new character, with beautiful texture and a understated yet impactful finish.
What Makes Limewash Environmentally Friendly?

Limewash is free from solvents, unlike everyday household paints. It’s made from natural lime and natural pigments meaning it doesn’t pump chemicals out into the atmosphere. In addition, it’s also hypoallergenic and naturally improves indoor air quality.

Using Limewash in Your Home
Limewash can be used both inside and outside. It sinks into the surface, and can be applied directly to stone, brick and plaster. In its most simple form, limewash is an off-white colour, but can be altered using alkali-resistant pigments which come in a variety of natural shades such as greys and taupes. Limewash becomes much lighter when it dries, so if you are testing a few shades, always allow it to dry before choosing which one to go for.
Limewash is a wonderful alternative to using modern paints in the home. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s also beautiful and a great way to add rustic and understated charm to your space.







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