Make your walls pop!

Transport yourself to the tropics, a pretty provincial French market town or sun-dappled forest without even leaving your sofa and with nothing else other than a wall or two and some willingness to ‘remove yourself.’ How so? Well, take a look at these stunning feature wall murals and you’ll soon get the idea – if not the desire to liven up your own walls with wall murals.
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Technically a wall mural (fresco) should be painted but there are so many fab mural wallpapers around these days that frankly, why bother? Unless you got an A for Art at school every year painting a whole wall (or two) is going to prove a tad daunting anyway. The alternative, of course, is to fork out a fortune for a professional painter. But then again, you may have a friend who would just love to do the job for you in return for a few decent bottles of wine. The best wall murals, we’ve found, are the ones which actually incorporate some of the rooms architectural features into the scene eg an arched doorway, window or even shelving. And how about extending that all-encompassing idea to the ceiling too (although admittedly that could seem a little too enveloping). Meanwhile, this mural cleverly seems to incorporate the bed! Instead of going to sleep you’d just be setting off into the New York nightlife by the look of things.
Murals first really came to commercial prominence in interior design circles around the late 19th century (think the Italian Renaissance period). As well as the now-famous fresco technique many designers also opted for a marouflage wall mural. This was when a painting was first competed on canvas then stuck onto the wall. We love the fact this particular wall mural incorporates other design elements such as the decorative plates while the cushion and blue cubed seats feel like they’re a part of it too thanks to a similar colour scheme and abstract design.
Of course a mural doesn’t have to be just in the sittingroom or bedroom. It could be anywhere in the house. Take this bathroom for instance (we just hope this room is in a hot country because it’s making us feel cold even thinking about stripping off in this room). Many modern wall murals have become more abstract – and frankly we more interesting, we think – such as this kitchen wall:
Murals don’t always have to be painted or drawn though. Other materials make perfect wall murals too. Take the Moors and their stunning tile mosaics in palaces throughout Southern Spain (the Alhambara in Granada for starters) and North Africa. This fun tiled bull welcomes (or frightens) customers in a New York restaurant:
Do you have a favorite mural? If so, we’d love to hear about it! If you still deciding which one? check out more inspirations at our pineterst board here