How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring


How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring?

Winter often feels long, and by the time March comes around we are more than ready to embrace change and welcome in a new season. You may feel naturally inclined to make changes around the home to get ready for spring. Often called ‘spring cleaning’, many of us feel compelled to mark the start of the warmer weather. With this in mind, here’s how to get your home ready for spring…

Welcome Change

This winter has been particularly long and difficult for all of us. As humans, we need to feel like we are moving forward, like life is changing and progressing, which is why at the start of spring in particular, we want to embrace and encourage these changes.

Getting your home ready for spring doesn’t mean having a complete overhaul, instead subtle changes around the home can make all the difference.

Introduce Fresh Colour

Updating a few accessories can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home, especially when colour is involved. There are some colours that we naturally connect to different seasons - wine, burgundy and forest green for winter, as an example. Try introducing a fresh new colour palette for spring - pale greens, nude pinks, mustard yellows and pale blues all work well.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or repaint walls. Switching up your decor for the season should include swapping out elements like soft furnishings and art work. Try changing the cushions on your sofa and bed, and hanging a few new pieces of art to transform your space ready for spring.

Welcome in Nature

Subtle changes around the home can really lift your space. Think daffodils on the kitchen table, or lilies in the bedroom - bringing nature in can really help lift your spirits and get you ready for a new season. Houseplants are also a great way to enhance your home and embrace nature. Try a variety of houseplants at varying sizes to create an interesting finish, with large plants on the floor, and smaller plants on open shelving.

Let the Light in

As the days get longer try to let the light into your home as much as possible. Throw open blinds and curtains first thing in the morning, and if the weather allows, open windows and doors too to get a flow of fresh air through the home. These small acts can make a huge difference to how you feel, after a long winter of keeping windows closed and drawing the curtains at 4pm.

Not only will updating your home for spring create a beautiful environment for the new season, it will also help you feel motivated and positive for the months ahead. For art prints and cushions for spring, shop our collection here.

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