How to Choose the Perfect Cushion Covers for your Home

Cushions are a great way to dress your space, soften your scheme and create a super cosy finish in your home. Whether you’re completely overhauling an existing room, or you want to switch things up with subtle changes, carefully considering the style, shape and placement of your cushions will enhance your scheme.

With this in mind, read on to discover how to choose the perfect cushion covers for your home…

Create a Cohesive Look

It’s not necessary to create a completely different look for each room in your home. In fact, it’s far more aesthetically pleasing to create cohesion throughout. This doesn’t mean to say every room needs to be decorated in the same way. Instead, focus on tones. For example, if you choose muted tones, carry these through into each room, or select one colour to use in each space, to tie each room together.

A great way to do this is with soft furnishings. More specifically, cushions. Pick out colours that you already have in your home, and choose cushion covers that use the same shades to create cohesion. Want to introduce a new colour? Try cushions in the same shade in different rooms in the house, to create a subtle but effective flow from room to room.




 Keep Things Interesting

Cushion covers offer a great opportunity to introduce just the right amount of colour, pattern and texture to add interest to your space. Avoid matching cushions, instead favouring variety to stop your scheme from looking flat. Try a few plain cushions to act as a base, and add in a couple of cushions with a bold print, try different textures too, such as linen and velvet, while keeping the colour palette similar to create a considered look. Don’t forget to be playful with shape and size - variety is key.




Layer Up

When styling your space, create a layered look with multiple cushions. The ideal is styling in odd numbers and grouping together, as this creates more of a relaxed feel. Take the layered look one step further, by placing a throw on your sofa and layering cushions on top.




Carefully curated and well styled cushions can elevate your space, adding interest, colour and texture, as well as that all important cosy finish. Ready to enhance your home with beautiful soft furnishings? Shop my collection of contemporary cushions here, including bold prints, soft linens and muted tones.






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