EASY WAY – How To choose cushions

I get it, incorporating different patterns into your home decor can be incredibly intimidating. But I promise, with a little insider knowledge you can mix and layer patterned décor successfully like a pro. The trick to learning how to get it right is understanding the basic rules. Afterward, you can confidently break them or not.


The first tip to remember is that your pillows don’t have to match with each other. In fact, you can achieve a more stylish and professional look if they don’t match! If you’re not comfortable with your ability to choose pillows, the following tips will help you mix and match fresh patterns and/or colors, allowing you to quickly refresh your room with a look that is coordinated but not too formal..

Confused? Do not be. Whether you are a design traditionalist or a décor maverick, the following ideas share the best ways to mix patterns when decorating.




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