Blush pink Interior: The Grown Up way to add pink

Quick, what are your first thoughts when you picture blush pink interior? I am guessing your answer has something to do with babies & princesses but get ready to throw away everything you know because you are about to find out the "Grown Up way" of how to style your interior in Pink!

Traditionally pink are baby’s and girly girls colour, so how can you make the most of the pink tones without making your living room look like a nursery? There are 5 easy tips for you how to add pink into your interior like a professional and make it look feminine and sophisticated.
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1. Add Statement Furniture
Why not start big and go fo a pink sofa, sure to be a centre of an attention in your living area! Decorate it with neutral cushion and layers of texture to make it look more sophisticated. Well, if you are not feeling for a pink sofa something smaller like a statement armchair or pink headboard in your bedroom I am sure would lighten up your interior.
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2. Be Brave: Paint your walls pink!
For the ultimate pink chic look, you can always go with a statement wall. The wall next to the window with loads of light would benefit the most to your pink wall. Keep your accessories and furnishings within a neutral colour palette and avoid contrasting colours for the ultimate fresh and warm look. pink home accessories cushions
3. Splatter pink everywhere (in small doses)
If you are not in the mood for adding huge furniture pieces or painting the walls, something small like pink accessories would definitely make your interior feel like those happy summer days. Think pink vases, candles, cushions and throws for your sofa. Maybie even a new soft pink tableware set or just a fresh bouquet of peonies will definitely make you smile!
Designer: Nicole Rosenberg
4. Pair it with GREY and/or GOLD

Whether you want to call it a dusty pink, or blush pink, or millennial pink you can’t deny that this desaturated pink it’s absolutely everywhere and often looks best paired with white or grey. And there is nothing more screaming luxury and grown up then gold. (or shiny copper ) 5. Break the rules! And the most important tips is - Have Fun! You are the designer and you can decorate your home in any way that makes YOU happy!



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